Illum Christmas

We did production on this beautiful campaign at Thorvaldsens Museum showcased now all over the country and on TV.

Illum celebrates the life and legacy of Denmark’s greatest classical sculptor and the 250th anniversary of Bertel Thorvaldsen’s birth – a creative genius and political progressive, his influence endures to this day.

Production: The Lab
Producer: Britt Vinther-Jensen
Production Manager: Christian Villemoes
Production Assistant: Frederik Carlsen

Illum: Louise Gullak, Frederikke, Ida
Creative Direction: Ruben Hughes

Casting: Olivia Danielsson
Talents: Madeleine, Kasper, Sandra, Cilia, Sebastian, Metteo

Stills Photographer / Director: Hasse Nielsen
DOP: Frederik Säll
Digital Tech: Lana Ohrimenko / Angela Djekic
1st Assistant: William Rugaard

Set Designer: Fatima Fransson
Set Designer Assistant: Alicia Zwetsloot, Nikoline Oda Gomokla
Stylist: Pernilla Lofberg
Stylist Assistants: Sarah Smidt, Kat Stump
Makeup Artist: Stine Rasmussen
Hair Artist: Line Bille