032C Magazine

We did production on the cover story for 032c magazine shot by Casper Sejersen.
It was a fun day with loads of mud, VFX and playful scandinavian weather.

Production: The Lab
Producer: Emil Eskesen
Production Manager: Christian Villemoes
Production Assistants: Frederik Carlsen, Jakob Fløe Lind
Setbuild / VFX: Sune Kaas Greve, Tomas Crubezy

Fashion Director & Stylist: Ras Baun Bartram
Talent: Frederikke Sofie / 2PM Model Management

Photographer: Casper Sejersen / Artistry
Digital Tech: Peter Vinther
1st Assistant: Nina Parsons
2nd Assistant: André Hansen
Retouch: She Post Production

Makeup Artist: Anne Sophie Costa / Streeters
Makeup Assistant: Rina Inata
Hair Artist: Gary Gill / Streeters
1st Hair Assistant: Tom Wright
2nd Hair Assistant: Krirstine Engell