Audemars Piguet x Vogue

We did local production on Audemars Piguet anniversary story for Vogue, featuring Pernille Teisbaek and Philip Lotko.

When the Swiss fine watchmaker Audemars Piguet first revealed its Royal Oak design back in 1972, it marked a major turning point in the history of luxury timekeeping. Now, half a century on, it remains one of the world’s most iconic watches. To mark this incredible legacy, Audemars Piguet and Vogue invited the stylish Scandinavian couple Pernille Teisbaek and Philip Lotko to come together to create a celebratory short film. In a nod to the power of partnerships in creativity, 50 Things About You spotlights the inner workings of their inspirational connection.

Local Production: The Lab
Producer: Emil Eskesen
Production Managers: Christian Villemoes, Simon Zarlang
Production Assistant: William Riise
Set Runners: Kevin Sherchan, Johannes Killisperger

Production: Condé Nast
Producer: Jude Spour
Production Manager: Beth Langford
Creative Script Writer: Rae Elliman
Creative Director: Sandra Leko

Talents: Pernille Teisbæk, Philip Lotko
Agent: Hannah Løffler

Stills Photographer: Rasmus Weng Karlsen / Link Details
Photo Assistant: Matt Marsh

Director: Sophie Edelstein
1st AD: Katja Boom
DOP: Edward Gibbs
1st AC: Andreas Krohn
2nd AC: Kristoffer Høyer
DIT: Kale Jessen
Steadycam: Torben Meldgaard
Gaffer: Andreas Kragh-Jacobsen, David Medina
Sound: Allan Holmberg

Interior Stylist: Barbara Fuglsang Gay
Interior Stylist Assistant: Otto Juel Grumme
Fashion Stylist Assistant: Malene Rønsholt
Hair Stylist: Mette Thorsgaard Thomsen
Makeup Artist: Trine Skjøth
Manicurist: Dorthe Devantier