We did Production and Setbuild on Kvik’s new Cima and Tacto kitchen.  

This was some fun days involving every department in our production arsenal. Catering, equipment rental, cars, location scout and so on. Big thanks to our production assistants for the hard work during the days at Skabelonloftet – yes, we got a full size kitchen up there!

Production: The Lab Cph / Emil Eskesen & Britt Vinther-Jensen
Production Manager: Frederik Darre Haahr & Mads Jarfeldt
Production Assistant: William Lunde

Setbuild: Christian Lindberg

Art Direction: Uncle Grey / Michael Mandrup

Stills Photographer: Brian Buchard
Digital Tech: Maja Karen Hansen
Photo Assistant: Alexander Namrok

DOP: Nicolaj Bak
1AC: Philip Overbuary

Stylist: Sidsel Rudolph
Stylist Assistant: Laura Marie Hess

Catering: the lab kitchen