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Grip kit via

With a selection of A-clamps, Gobo Heads, Bigbens, Sky Hooks, a Magic Arm, and much, much more, our all-round grip kit comes with a handy carrying bag and contains anything needed to clamp, secure or extend the reach of your equipment.


6 x A-Clamp
10 x Aligator Clamp
10 x The Lab Straps
1 x Tape
2 x Gobo Head
2 x Sky Hook
4 x Super Clamp
1 x Magic Arm
1 x Floor Base
2 x J-Hook
2 x Backdrop Hanger
2 x Swiweling Adapter
4 x 16mm Spigot
2 x Buttplug
1 x Cardelini Clamp Large
1 x Cardelini Clamp Small
2 x Bigben 28mm