The DJI OSMO PLUS is a portable, handheld steadycam with 3-axis stabilization making sure your footage is smooth and steady. It shoots 4k video at 30fps and 1080p at 100 fps for slowmotion. It has a 12 megepixel still camera and 3.5 optical zoom. Download the DJI app onto your smartphone, connect to the device and you’re ready to go shoot.

Dedolight via

Dedolight DLH4

It’s a very portable and useful little kit consisting of three 150 Watt adjustable and zoomable tungsten lamps, perfect for product shots and edge lighting for portraits. The Dedolights heads fit a wide range of accessories.

Profoto lantern via

Profoto lantern

The Profoto lantern is a heart-shaped white modifier clad in a dark overcoat. Compatible with flash and continuous lights and equipped with heat resistant fabric, it’s great for fill lighting and casts the light downwards, to imitate the direction of the sun’s rays.

Cine Reflector via

Profoto Cine Reflector

A versatile parabolic reflector compatible with both flash and continuous lights, the Cine Reflector by Profoto comes with a wide range of accessories, from barn doors to spot, diffusion, and Fresnel lenses.

Motorola GP344 via

Motorola GP344

With enough battery power to last a full day’s work, these lightweight radios from Motorola are great for keeping communication flowing through the outdoor shooting sessions going on this summer.